Sl No Title of the Project
1 Application of Rough Sets in diagnosis of the depressive state of mind
2 Self-Adaptive Semantic Focused Crawler for Mining Services Information Discovery
3 A New Multi objective Evolutionary Algorithm for Mining a Reduced Set of Interesting Positive and Negative Quantitative Association Rules
4 An Insight into Campus Network User Behavior Analysis Decision System
5 The lexicon-based sentiment analysis for fan page ranking in Facebook
6 A Cocktail Approach for Travel Package Recommendation
7 A Retrieval Strategy for Case-Based Reasoning Using Similarity and Association Knowledge
8 Bridging the Vocabulary Gap between Health Seekers and Healthcare Knowledge
9 Thai sentiment terms construction using the Hourglass of Emotions
10 Investigating role of interestingness measures in rule mining by embedding in novel soft computing method
11 Pattern of Reflection in Learning for Predicting Students' Performance
12 Applied process mining in software development
13 Sing the collective intelligence of sports fans to improve professional football league customer service
14 Overlap versus partition: Marketing classification and customer profiling in complex networks of products
15 Detection and confirmation of web robot requests for cleaning the voluminous web log data
16 Predictive Analytics for Outpatient Appointments
17 Exploring the genetics underlying autoimmune diseases with network analysis and link prediction
18 Structure of university database system and data analysis
19 An auxiliary recommendation system for repetitively purchasing items in E-commerce
20 Mining Students' Data for Prediction Performance