SIX SIGMA was developed by Motorola in 1986 as a management strategy for business that depends on statistical analysis to improve the production process of the company. SIX SIGMA methodology was originally used to reduce variation in electronic manufacturing processes in Motorola Inc in the USA. After more than 25 years it is now the most popular management and Problem solving methodology. SIX SIGMA is a structured and disciplined methodology using facts, data, and required statistical analysis to improve and reinvent business processes across industries. A SIX SIGMA process will be 99.9997% defect free or produce only 3.4 Defects per million opportunities.

LEAN MANUFACTURING was adopted by Toyota Motor Corporation and is a set of tools developed to reduce waste associated with the flow of materials and information in a process from beginning to end. The goal of LEAN MANUFACTURING is to identify and eliminate non-value added activities and steps in a process to improve turn-around time by streamlining production, improve quality and eventually enhance customer loyalty. The technique helps to speed up action and decision-making process of a company while decreasing inefficiencies in the production and increasing the quality of the products.

LEAN SIX SIGMA is an integrated approach with a combination of both the concepts — SIX SIGMA and LEAN MANUFACTURING. LEAN focuses on improving efficiencies by eliminating waste and SIX SIGMA aims to get rid of defects in a defined and stable process. The concepts and methodologies of LEAN SIX SIGMA are universally applicable to all types of organizations. LEAN SIX SIGMA is used as a business performance methodology, all over the world across industries as diverse as manufacturing units, aerospace, banks, hospitals, software development, retail companies, contact centers, education and even government departments. This list is endless and organizations have invested in training, culture building and overall skill development to be ahead of competition by meeting and exceeding the needs of the customers. The Training helps in improving the lateral thinking tips and will give you an edge from others in the crowd. This training enhances the approach to address real life problem solving and innovation.

1. Quality Professionals involved in Quality Assurance, Quality Improvement and Quality Control 1. Get introduced and learn the basics of problem solving tools of LEAN SIX SIGMA Methodology
2. Project Leaders and Managers 2. Learn a structured methodology which will change the way you solve business / real life problems
3. Finance, Production and Inventory and Vendor Management Professionals 3. Develop readiness and expertise to lead Small and Medium-scale improvement projects
4. Acquire De-Jargonized knowledge of basic statistical tools which can be used in your current role 4. Acquire De-Jargonized knowledge of basic statistical tools which can be used in your current role
5. Operations Heads / Manager 5. Improved outlook to improve customer services by designing more robust and consistent processes

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